Join the movement of the World War III (against death) creed:

"I shall not fight death as long anyone tries to bring it"

Article: 1

The belief that all Red Cross and Red Crescent, doctors and medical stuff in the world, should unite under the creed;

Article: 2

The adoption of the medical creed means that they must oppose all acts of military aggression in the first second when they appear;

Article: 3

The opposition against acts of war shall be done by refusing to offer medical treatment in the first second when an act of war is signed;

The creed in practice:

1. International monitoring of pollical and military activity should be monitored by anyone who believes in the creed;

2. Should be communicated and distributed to all medical stuff affiliated to the creed of the World War III (against death);

3. And in sense of the creed, medical stuff around the world should stop from offering medical treatment to other patients in need - no matter where they are, what medical issue are facing, patient, etc.


Subscribe to the form bellow, if you believe in the creed, and oppose all acts of war / military aggression by joining and putting in practice the creed - as a medical stuff, doctor or other.

Support the project that aims to unite all military forces of humanity under one international military treaty, that aims to start the World War III (against death).

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